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Web 2.0 — You can bet on its success.

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Internet and Internet technologies have definitely entered their web 2.0 era. Unlike its previous era, web 2.0 has got lot of advancements in its technology part. There are more robust and proven business models and marketing strategies available in the web 2.0 era as compared to its previous one. Even though there is not as much buzz as it was there in the late 90’s and early 2000, web 2.0 is still attracting a lot of people (both business people and users) towards it. Now, the web user base is increasing at over 70% all over the world. Even the East Asian countries are also joining the party.

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The most important thing that has triggered this web 2.0 era is the technology. Now there are many cutting edge technologies available to make the life of web programmers very easy and at the same time increasing the experience of web users in a big way. Web programming technologies like Java, Dot Net framework, PHP and many more have made the development of websites very easy and robust. The GUI can be made very rich by making use of these technologies and embedding them with some designing technologies like Flash and so on.

Security was one of the major concerns for the users to make any type of online transactions, especially transactions that involve money in the web 1.0 era. This security limitation has greatly been reduced by internet security technologies like SSL. SSL is the short form of Secure Socket Layer. This protocol is been designed by Netscape with the aim of making the online transactions very secure and robust. Now, if any website has got a SSL certificate, then the customers can feel very secure about the transactions which they do on that website. In the same way, internet security has gone a long way in the web 2.0 era. Now, people can feel very confident of all the transactions even with the transactions that involve huge amounts of money.

Another major thing that is in the advantage of the web 2.0 is the rapid increase in the penetration of the internet through out the world. In web 1.0 era, more than ninety percent of the internet user base is from the United States of America and a few other developed countries only. However, this has changed now. Even in countries like INDIA, internet is penetrating quite fast now. More than 3 %( 110 million) of the Indians have access to internet now. This trend is much the same way in the rest of the world.

With all the above advantages, web 2.0 is definitely a lot better than web 1.0 and people can surely bet on its success in a big way.

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