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How Can Offline Strategies Help Improve Your Online Sales?

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By now you figured you have a decent site to promote your products online. You’re trying different traffic generation strategies on the Internet to get traffic to your site such as forum marketing, pay-per-click and others. From these traffic generation strategies, you feel that you can get sufficient traffic to your site. 

However, why not get more traffic so you can increase the chances of making a sale and improve your website conversion rate?

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These traffic generation strategies do not have that much to do with the Internet. These strategies are called offline strategies. Some of the offline strategies you can use are: 

1. By Word Of Mouth

Go to your family members or friends who support you in this Internet marketing venture. Promote to them with what you feel can help them in their lives. For example, if you’re promoting a book on personal development, you can advise them on purchasing the book to help them in their problems, marriage etc.

To get them in touch with them, you can write a friendly email and provide them with the link to your site. Or you can talk about it with them and give the link to your site and ask them to check it out. There’s nothing more like moral support from your family and friends.

2. Business Networking

When you’re attending a seminar, do as much networking as possible. Equip yourself with name cards so that they can go to your site and let them see how far you have gone in Internet marketing. By mingling around with potential business associates, you can find ways in which you can promote your site by doing a joint venture with someone who you feel has the resources to give your site more exposure in the Internet world.

3. Submit Advertisements & Press Releases 

You can write a press release to your local newspaper if you have a really great site to boast about and get people to know what you can offer to them. If your press release gets published, you’ve just earned a portion of a newspaper in which thousands of people will read your article, gain interest and head on down to your site.

This is what is called the 80/20 rule.

The reasoning behind the 80/20 rule is actually quite logical. Though the onsite search engine optimization does help search engines such as Google to index a site in detail, it is the offpage optimization that allows the search engine to gauge the site’s actual relevancy and quality. It is what allows the search engine to differentiate between spammers, and actual sites that are filled with useful information, or extremely relevant content with regards to the search word or phrase in question.

This works because onpage optimization is controlled entirely by the webmaster. Therefore, it is subject to abuse, manipulation of the indexing criteria of the search engines, and other unscrupulous (according to search engines) activities. On the other hand, offpage optimization is entirely controlled by other webmasters; not the webmaster who owns and/or maintains the actual site itself. This means that it is much harder for a given webmaster to manipulate the analysis of the search engines. It is the attempt of Google and the other large search engines to stop certain webmasters from gaining an unfair advantage over the results shown by Google searches.

True enough, a webmaster who truly wishes to make the best effort to achieve those top ranks with the search engines can do all that he or she is able to do to encourage other webmasters to add a link to their site. However, this is entirely up to those other discriminating webmasters. Therefore, the odds are that only the more relevant websites will be able to achieve the best offpage optimization results.

You can also advertise your site by placing an advertisement in a newspaper or a business magazine. Make sure that the advertisement can greatly interest the reader and make them motivated to go to your site. What you can do is to ensure that your advertisement has a good sales copy and a specific time frame to tell your readers not to miss out in this time-limited opportunity. 

These three simple offline strategies can greatly help your site in terms of traffic and sales. You do not have to look far in order for you to promote your site. Most Internet marketers underestimate the power of offline strategies, and I advise you not to be one of them.

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