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21 Ways To Promote Your Website

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Over the next couple of articles we’ll take a look at the different ways you can promote your website on and offline.

Let’s have a look at some of the  methods which can be a Boost or update you.If you committed to introducing just 2 of these methods each month I guarantee that you’ll not only see an increase in traffic but sales and profits as well.

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1) Pay Per Click

Are you running pay per click campaigns and if so are you utilizing Google, Overture and MSN’s Adcentre?

I’m a big fan of using PPC to drive vast amounts of traffic to a website and then refining my keywords as I see results come in.

If you are new to PPC I recommend you sign up for Perry Marshall’s free 5 Day Adwords course ( and invest in his Adwords ebook as well…well worth the small $47 price.

2) Your own Ezine/Newsletter

This should go without saying. However, I subscribe to many ezines that give good content but never seems to promote their own website!

Each newsletter that goes out should contain a call to action that directs people back to your website. An even better result would be to drive people back to a specific offer on your website.

3) Business cards

Do you have business cards?

Yes you may run an online business and don’t want to talk to customers however, sorry to say this, get real!

In everyday life you’ll meet people and talk with people and this presents an ideal marketing opportunity.

How many times have you been asked (or have asked yourself)

“What do you do?”

This is an ideal opportunity to mention your website and give out a business card with your websites address on. Plus, use the reverse side to add a benefit driven statement or make an offer.

4) Networking

This links in perfectly with point three.

Attend related events in your niche.

Are their any trade shows you can go to?

What about Public shows or events?

We attend several different events in our various niche markets and always go to each one with a plan of what we want to achieve.

Who do we want to speak to, meet or make contact with?

In two of our niche markets we have shirts, Polo Shirts and even jackets with our brand sewn on (logos and web addresses!)

This is often enough to start a discussion when people ask what is it we do!

If you run a business related website then you MUST attend the events related to your market.

5) Press Release

Are you harnessing the power of the press?

A well timed and well crafted press release can give you immense marketing exposure even radio and TV!

Internet Marketing Review Gold Member Tom Cone used a well crafted press release to land him a spot on a regional TV show!

His product I won’t tell you exactly what it is but it was about folding napkins!

6) Articles

Sorry to bang on about using articles, again! BUT, they are the single most powerful free way of promoting your website.

There are now literally thousands of article website directories out there all wanting to list your article for you take advantage of this fact.

Don’t dismiss publishing your article offline as well.

I now have articles published in two offline magazines each month. One is a business related magazine and the other is a hobby related magazine.

How did I manage this?

Simple I contacted the magazine editor told them I was the owner of X niche website and had several articles that may be of interest to their readers. I then said they would be free to publish them as long as they let me mention the website at the end of the article.

Two editors said yes, with one giving me a FULL PAGE advert each month as a thank you for sending them my article!

With the hobby magazine I don’t really know much about the niche so I have the articles Ghost written for me!

7) Post card mailings

If you have a database of customers and prospects within your niche then a simple postcard is an inexpensive way of promoting your website.

With a postcard I recommend you drive the reader to a special offer on your website or to email / call for further information.

What if you don’t have the names and addresses of people to mail to?

Have a look at the magazines within your niche and contact them to see if they rent out their subscriber list.

Then send a postcard offering a free report / gift / offer if they visit your website and join your mailing list.

Then have a follow up process in place that ultimately leads to you selling a product or recommending an affiliate product.

Also, check out list brokers for lists within your niche.

The USA has thousands upon thousands of niche magazines and list brokers and if mailing from the UK prices are still very reasonable for a post card.

You can even contact the many firms who will print and mail your postcard for you direct from the USA.

In the next article in the series we’ll take a look at a further seven ways to promote you website.

Have a look at the seven ideas above and pick two that you can start to implement into your business this month.

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